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Who Needs a Home Information Pack – Hip?

From the 14th December 2007 any property that is marketed for sale in England and Wales will need a Hip.

Can I market the property before I receive the Hip?

The Hip needs to be ordered when the property is first put on the market, at the moment and until 31st December 2008, you do not need to have possession of the Hip but must have proof that one has been ordered.

What’s in the Hip?

In brief the pack contains:

  • An index (i.e. a list of the contents of the Hip)
  • A sale statement (summarising the terms of sale)
  • Evidence of title
  • Standard searches (i.e. local authority enquiries and a drainage and water search)
  • An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Commonhold information (where appropriate)
  • A copy of the lease (where appropriate)

Do all properties need a Hip?

Most standard properties need a Hip but there are some exceptions,

You do not need a Home Information Pack for:

  • Properties where there is no marketing (e.g. sale to member of your family)
  • Non-residential properties
  • Seasonal and holiday accommodation
  • Mixed sales (e.g. shop with flat)
  • Right to buy and similar sales
  • Sales of portfolios of properties
  • Properties not being sold with completely vacant possession
  • Unsafe properties and properties to be demolished.

How do I order my Hip?

You can order your Hip via your authorised seller usually an Estate Agent, Solicitor or Domestic Energy Assessor

What should I look for in a Hip provider?

ideally the Hip provider you choose should have full indemnity insurance and subscribe to the PCCB code of conduct for Hips (Hip code). All Hips which comply with this Code will include the Hip Code logo and you can check whether a Hip provider subscribes to the Code by contacting the Property Codes Compliance Board or visit their web site at www.propertycodes.org.uk.

The Hip Code provides protection for homebuyers, sellers, estate agents, conveyancers and mortgage lenders who rely on the information included in a Home Information Pack (Hip) provided on residential property within England and Wales. It sets out minimum standards which Hip providers have to meet.

Though it is not mandatory the Provider should also be a member of the Association of Home Information Pack Providers – AHipP, to check your provider is registered visit the AHipP web site at www.hipassociation.co.uk.

Hipsco carry full Indemnity Insurance, subscribe to the Hip Code and are members of AHipP.


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