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*Privacy Statement

HipSCO respect the privacy of our clients details and will not share your details with any external companies.

After the initial registration you will be contacted by email. From here you will be able to complete all details needed for inclusion within the panel.


Hipsco Home Inspector & Domestic Energy Assessors panel....invites you to join

Hipsco are currently looking for Home Inspectors & Domestic Energy Assessors to join our panel.

Below you will find the fee scale paid by Hipsco Ltd, payments are made on the 1st of every month and will be paid directly to your nominated bank account.

Upon instruction of a case you will receive a text message and email and you will need to confirm you have accepted the case, this can be done after you have contacted the client if you so wish.

We expect you to contact the client within 24 hours if possible and in the majority of cases the report to be completed and uploaded to our system within 72 hours.

Fee Scale

All Properties £35
All Properties with floorplan through Metropix £45
Studios to 3 Bed Properties £250
4 & 5 Bed Properties £350
6 Bed Properties £425
7 Bed + Properties £525

Additional £200 is paid if any of the following applies for HCR;

  • Pre 1900
  • System or prefabricated built form
  • Listed
  • Thatched

Please note, This is a one-off fee of £200 per case and not accumulative e.g. if the property is Thatched, Listed and Pre 1900 this would still incur one additional fee of £200 not three

Please Register below for inclusion on our panel
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Note it is important to be as specific as possibe, we require the first 2 or 4 characters of the postcode eg NW11, FY1, W4, please enter as many areas as you cover
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